Intra oral examination and very low exposure digital X-rays (including 3D scans) are used to determine the absence or presence of gum disease.

Thorough education as to what exactly is gum disease, when is it reversible and when is it not, its direct and indirect links to other systemic diseases like heart disease, diabetes and osteoporosis. Treatments available and what you can do are discussed and reiterated on follow up visits.

If gum disease is present and irreversible damage to the jaw bone has occurred, a course of treatment will usually be recommended either at the clinic or by referral to an appropriate specialist Periodontist.

Whatever the outcome of the initial consultation, the proper cleaning of our mouths is vital for optimal oral health.


Oral and facial pain may arise from many causes but one most common cause is tooth decay. Tooth decay may also be completely painless even if close to the nerve. This is a major problem.With decay in by the time pain occurs, it may be too late.This stresses the importance of regular check ups.

Pain from decay may present in numerous different ways with differing intensities, location, duration, frequency, rhythms and patterns.


Excessive grinding and clenching of teeth during sleep is considered to be outside the boundary of “normal” function (thus a parafunction) and is called Bruxism.

It is a condition which is quite common in both young and old. Many people are totally unaware of this condition which is considered to be controlled by the subconscious.

Apart from the premature wearing away of teeth, bruxism can also result in pain in and around the jaw joint also called the Temporo Mandibular Joint.

The construction and fitting of Occlusal Splints to be worn during sleep is an effective time proven method of treating bruxism and preventing further damage without the use of addictive medicines. In some cases, muscle relaxant therapy with BtxA (such as “Dysport” or “Botox”) may be recommended.


Tooth pain may be reversible or irreversible.

If a tooth develops damage to its nerve that is not reversible with dental attention then Root Canal Therapy may be recommended in order to salvage a tooth.

This involves the thorough cleaning and filling of the nerve system inside the roots of the tooth at the clinic or by referral to a specialist Endodontist.

If we diagnose a very questionable prognosis for the tooth, other options will be discussed.


Snoring and especially the associated condition Obstructive Sleep Apnoea are damaging to overall health. Apart from lack of quality sleep and the resulting fatigue and tiredness, the low oxygen levels have been linked to permanent cardio-vascular damage.

Jaw advancing appliances are very successful in treating this condition.

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