Comprehensive Oral Health Assessment

At your consultation appointment oral health will be assessed comprehensively.

Initial emphasis is on diagnosing PATHOLOGY. This involves the recognition of any conditions that lead to tooth substance loss. The three conditions responsible for most of the tooth substance loss are:

  • Gum disease
  • Decay or caries and
  • Excessive grinding

No two mouths are identical and this step-in assessment will show where emphasis is required.

The next stage of the assessment is for level of FUNCTION.

The ability to chew and talk comfortably is very important for health and wellbeing.

The last level if required involves thorough assessment of AESTHETICS.

This includes assessment of your facial profile and lower facial height, individual tooth disharmonies and of course your smile. This may involve photos and study models.

A comprehensive treatment plan including tooth numbers, item numbers and cost with alternative options can be organised.

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