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After over twenty years of whitening teeth we feel we now use the best products and best techniques.

For longest lasting results we generally recommend overnight home whitening with custom fitted trays and very small amounts of 10% slow release solutions.

For rapid results we use Natural + Professional In Chair systems with minimal sensitivity and the only product with NO HEAVY METALS.

With the whitening system we also include GC “Tooth Mousse” conditioner. This product is an Australian breakthrough in tooth remineralisation. Taken on by the Japanese firm GC it is the benchmark with regards remineralisation of teeth.

Theoretically, from the strong antibacterial effect of peroxide, the powerful remineralizing benefits of fluoride and Tooth Mousse teeth and gums should end up healthier.

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We are an Accredited Dental Practice.
We are one of the first dental practices in Australia to achieve Accreditation.