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Smoking poses a problem to general health. It contributes to:

  • Heart Disease
  • Stroke and
  • One third of all cancer deaths to name a few

In NSW in 2006, smoking caused over 5,000 deaths representing 14.0% of all male and 8.0% of all female deaths

What is less well known is the effect it has in the mouth

The main damage is to the Gums and mucosa, or lining of the mouth:

  • Five times more oral cancers than non-smokers and
  • Suffer much greater incidence and degree of Gum Disease

Other than staining, smoking does not affect the teeth

However, it does have a profound effect on Saliva.

Smoking promotes the formation of the thicker ‘mucous’ form of saliva at the expense of the thinner watery ‘serous’ type with a subsequent reduction in saliva’s acid-buffering capacity

This effect of nicotine explains why some heavy smokers get decay even if they are brushing well


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