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The longevity of a filling will depend on:

  • the position
  • the size
  • the shape
  • the type of material and
  • the functioning pressure on the fillings

This is why it is impossible and meaningless to try to state categorically how long fillings will last

However, when placing a filling, the dentist may have an idea of the expectation of the life of the filling. For example, a very small filling in the groove of a tooth away from biting pressure could be there for decades whereas a very large one in the mouth of a person who grinds their teeth may be lucky to last a few years and really should be a Crown

Of all the ways to restore teeth Gold Crowns have consistently been shown to outperform in terms of longevity and average over 35 years in the mouth. Most other restoration, other crowns and inlays are all expected to last approximately 16 years on average

At check-ups, dentists monitor the state of fillings, looking for signs of weakness, cracking, Decay or Discolouration.

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