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University research and experience has shown that Composite Fillings and Crowns can last just as long if not longer than porcelain depending on the  material and technique used. See Porcelain Fractures

In addition to this, there are other advantages to using composite over porcelain namely:

  • The ability¬† to easily repair fillings, veneers and crowns
  • The ability to alter shape, size and colour without complete replacement
  • Less or no drilling of tooth substance
  • One visit not two
  • Bonding not cementing to tooth
  • No chance of restoration not fitting
  • No chance of colour mismatch
  • Much easier to get the bite right
  • Composite does not wear away and damage opposing teeth
  • Greatly reduced cost

Composites are more difficult to place though so make sure your dentist is experienced and comfortable using this material


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