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Minimal Intervention, Maximum Results - The new field of Dentistry in Australia

At Sydney Aesthetic Smiles we provide general and cosmetic dentistry, implants, braces and complex makeovers. Our Practise uses state of the art equipment and techniques.

Our principal dentist Dr Paul Shouha graduated from Sydney University with honours and is currently completing his PhD in Biomaterials. Paul’s thirty years in the profession included tutoring students at both Westmead Centre for Oral Health and The Sydney Dental Hospital and completing well over 100 courses and educational programmes.

Furthering his knowledge and fuelling his passion for aesthetics he completed basic and advanced training in facial aesthetics both with the Australasian Academy of Dento Facial Aesthetics and The Facial Beauty Institute of Australia.

This is why we are now Sydney Aesthetic Smiles and Skin (SASS)

At SASS we can offer you aesthetic facial enhancement with cutting edge, gold standard, scientifically proven technologies that focus on Minimal Intervention. For example, DOT Laser Skin Resurfacing with three days downtime and Ultrasound Face Lifting with no downtime.

Dr Shouha’s attention to detail, unique expertise and love of sculpting means SASS can offer you maximum results with minimal treatment.

At SASS the aim is to offer all our clients youthful, harmonized natural beauty and healthy glowing skin.

SASS is one now of the first comprehensive Dento Facial Practices in Australia.

SASS is also one of the first dental clinics to be fully accredited by QIP (ADA) so you can be assured you are receiving best practice in safety and infection control.

Introducing our New Services

Needling : Stamp Away Scars & Wrinkles

Dermal needling is a minimally invasive procedure utilizing extremely fine acupuncture size needles to promote skin rejuvenation, wrinkle and scar reduction. There is very little downtime as the mild inflammatory reaction only lasts a short time and fades significantly within hours.
Topical anaesthetic cream is used which generally makes the procedure painless. Each session takes around one hour. Two to four sessions up to 2 months apart are usually needed.
Hyaluronic acid (HA) is simultaneously infused into the skin. HA absorbs over 1,000 times its own weight and is an integral component of all skin and is lost as we age. It is the main component of fillers such as Restylane, Perlane, Juvaderm, Anteis, Teosyal etc. For optimal results your body’s own platelets and stem cells may also be used
Collagen will begin to grow from around the six-week mark and your skin will continue to improve over the next 6-12 months.
At SASS we use Dermastamp which is generally considered as the best and most advanced system available. Other conditions that can be treated include pigmentation, enlarged pores and acne scars. Stretch marks and hair loss can be treated at other medical clinics.
For more information contact us or visit:                 www.dermastamp.com.au

Thread Lifts

Thread lifts or skin lifts involve the use of a resorbable suture material (Poly DiOxanone – PDO) usually used for wound closure in cardiac surgery, but with a different objective in mind – that of tightening the skin and reducing laxity. “Threads” can be used to stretch, reposition and recondition areas of the skin that are sagging by assisting and guiding local collagen and elastin production.

The procedure is a minimally invasive alternative to traditional surgical facelift procedures that can be performed under local anaesthesia, without the need for hospitalisation or long recovery periods. Although thread lifts cannot replace a full face lift where excess skin needs to be removed, they are an ideal option for those with mild to moderate skin laxity who want a natural yet unmistakable improvement, without all the stress that a full surgical procedure may provide. Most patients seeking a thread lift do not want that “pulled tight look” that can be produced by a traditional surgical face lift, along with the extended recovery time and the tell-tale scars.

Results are immediate, continue to improve for 2-3 months and are expected to last 2-3 years. Thread lifts can be performed in several areas of the face and neck without any serious side effects and with extremely low morbidity rates.


Our services include:

  • Visia Computerized Skin Analysis
    Just as X-rays, Microscopes and lasers are used for diagnosis inside the mouth we use the Visia system for analysis and diagnosis of the face. Different features are assessed which allows us to target important areas of your skin’s health and appearance. The analysis also provides accurate measurements of treatment progress. This information includes: subsurface sun damage; bad bacteria; red and brown pigmentation; number of pores; surface texture and shallow and deep lines.

    See Your Skin's Health


  • Ultraceuticals A-Zyme Peel
    An advanced and clever alternative to dermabrasion. Uses Sonophoresis (sound waves) to maximize and accelerate the effects of Retinol and Bromelain in increasing cell turnover and blood supply thus naturally plumping, firming and refining the skin.

    Great for ageing and acne.

  • HydraFacial MD (Skin Health for Life)
    The ultimate in medical grade facials.
    Uses Vortex-Fusion with an automated handpiece to remove dead skin cells and impurities including those deep in pores and is followed by the infusion of potent antioxidants into the skin. The process is safe, painless and with no downtime. Excellent for all skin types.

    Skin Health For Life


  • Ultraceuticals Ultra MD Skincare
    The leading scientifically based medical grade skincare brand in Australia. A doctor’s only range with potent evidence based actives backed by the CSIRO. Products target: ageing, acne, pigmentation (including Rosacea), scarring and sensitivity.


  • DOT Fractional Laser
    Currently the gold standard in skin resurfacing.
    Low downtime of three to five days.
    Removes wrinkles, scars and pigmentation and also stimulates the body’s own collagen production resulting in smoother brighter complexion. Not advisable for darker skin types
    Very long lasting results

    Minimal Downtime Skin Rejuvenation


  • Ultherapy Facelifts
    Safe non invasive alternative to surgery with no downtime. Newer technology works deeper and more effectively than radio frequency (eg Thermage)
    Focussed ultrasound uses the body’s own regenerative response to gently and gradually “restore tissue memory” resulting in a more natural appearance.
    Suitable for all skin types.
    Long lasting results.

    See The Beautiful Benefits Of Sound


Other procedures that can be used as stand-alone treatments or in conjunction with the above include:

  • Injectables
    Injectables can be classified into muscle relaxants or fillers
    Muscle Relaxants consist of medical grade purified proteins that deliver very accurate results with very few side effects. These products can be used to relieve strong headaches and muscle spasms or can smooth out lines and furrows. The effect is temporary in nature lasting around 3-4 months. We therefore prefer to use them in conjunction with longer lasting solutions such as DOT or Ulthera.
    Dermal Fillers used at SASS are made in Switzerland and are of the highest quality. These very large sugars attract water and are naturally found in our skin but like collagen and elastin are lost over time resulting in sagging and creasing. Dermal fillers can be used to restore this lost volume and smooth out various depressions or can correct defects like thin or asymmetrical lips.

  • Energist ReGen LED Therapy
    Scientifically proven LED therapy is safe yet very effective in treating many conditions such as: general ageing; blemishes; inflammation and active acne. Again this can be a stand-alone therapy or an adjunct after other treatments to decrease inflammation, speed recovery and achieve optimal results.

    Bring Your Skin Back To Life


All our therapeutic procedures are endorsed by both the Australasian Academy of Dento-Facial Aesthetics (AADFA) and The Facial Beauty Institute of Australia.

Please direct any enquiries to Mrs Sue Shouha on 95562000 or our email info@sasdentalandskin.com.au

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We are an Accredited Dental Practice.
We are one of the first dental practices in Australia to achieve Accreditation.